Cleaning in the educational sector

The cleaning of schools, recreation centers, daycare canteens requires careful daily intervention in order to preserve the health of the “fragile” public who occupy the premises. Our teams have the necessary equipment and techniques to remove all types of dirt (paint, chewing gum, etc.) from all media.

Cleaning of nurseries, kindergartens, schools and recreation centers:

Regular maintenance (every day):

– Removal of cobwebs

– Cleaning of tables and open desks

– Cleaning of partitions (fingerprints)

– Stain removal

– Dusting of furnishings (radiators, furniture, windowsills, etc.)

– Cleaning encroachments of tables and chairs

– Cleaning of baseboards

– Cleaning of door handles and switches

– Cleaning of doors and cupboard doors

– Cleaning of decorative frames and window sills

– Sweeping and washing of tiled floors, plastic or textile floor vacuuming

Sanitary maintenance:

– Descaling of sanitary devices

– Washing of earthenware, joints and tiled walls

– Emptying the bins and changing the plastic bags

– Removal of cobwebs

– Cleaning, disinfection and deodorization of sanitary appliances

– Cleaning and disinfection of sinks and faucets – Keep mirrors clean

– Supply of toilet paper, soap, paper towels and provision of sufficient stock to avoid disruption.

– Sweeping and washing of floors Specific regular maintenance (early childhood):

– Soil disinfection (2 to 3 times a week depending on the season)

– Disinfection of games, toys and furniture (once or twice a week depending on the season)

Intermediate maintenance:

– Linoleum (support recommended in structures reserved for early childhood):

– Dry stripping or renovation spray

– The spray method Collective catering, bio-cleaning:

MENAGE BIO applies cleaning-disinfection protocols adapted to premises, equipment, machines and appliances used to prepare, cook and condition food products. Everything is done to reduce the risk of product contamination as much as possible.

The cleaning and disinfection of these premises is the subject of a rigorous organization known as the cleaning plan.

The employees of Ménage Bio have the necessary training to respect the collective kitchen cleaning plan and also provide meal service to leisure centers in the Montreal region.