Cleaning of offices, shops and theaters

The cleaning of your offices, your shops or your performance halls must be irreproachable. It reflects the image of a clean and healthy society.

Daily or regular maintenance:

Maintenance of reception, offices, circulation areas and sales areas:

-Empty the bins and change the plastic bags
- Removal of cobwebs
- Cleaning of tables and open desks
- Cleaning of partitions (fingerprints)
- Dusting of furnishings (radiators, furniture, windowsills, etc.)
- Cleaning encroachments of tables and chairs
- Cleaning of baseboards
- Cleaning of door handles and switches
- Cleaning of doors and cupboard doors
- Cleaning of decorative frames and window sills
- Sweeping and washing of tiled floors, plastic or textile floor vacuuming

Sanitary maintenance:

- Descaling of sanitary devices
- Washing of earthenware, joints and tiled walls
- Emptying the bins and changing the plastic bags
- Removal of cobwebs
- Cleaning, disinfection and deodorization of sanitary appliances
- Cleaning and disinfection of sinks and faucets
- Keep mirrors clean
- Supply of toilet paper, soap, paper towels and provision of sufficient stock to avoid disruption.
- Sweeping and washing of floors
The intermediate interview:

To preserve the quality of a floor covering and maintain good hygienic conditions, specific maintenance operations must be scheduled. These are operations that are applied occasionally to a request or to avoid letting the floor or other supports become too dirty and therefore delay the implementation of a renovation.

Lavage des vitres :

window cleaning requires real know-how available to all of our professionals. Window cleaners intervene quickly and discreetly for incomparable quality.

Cleaning of thermoplastic floors:

- Dry stripping or renovation spray
- The spray method

Cleaning of textile floors:

Stain removal
Carpet shampoo (powder / foam)
Carpet spray

Treatment of cement floors:
High pressure cleaning