Ecological home cleaning Montreal laval rive nord

Housing takes a lot of time and energy to stay healthy and pleasant. In fact, the regularity and good quality of the performance of household tasks are essential to the preservation of our health as well as that of our loved ones. However, household chores can be tedious and considerably reduce our free time …

This is why more and more individuals are choosing to entrust the cleaning of their homes to professionals like us.

Why entrust us with your household chores?

Our household helpers are trained in eco-responsible cleaning practices and equipped with modern, efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.

Whether your needs are regular or occasional, entrust us with the maintenance of your home: our team will adapt to your needs by responding to them with a tailor-made eco-responsible solution.

Our housekeepers only use products that respect health and the environment, bearing an eco-label. We include these ecological cleaning products free of charge with the first household service if you do not have them. Then we show you where you can get these products, just as effective and at the same price as conventional products.

Our cleaning services

Whatever the size of your home, for example, our employees can perform the services below.

Housekeeping common to all rooms

Removal of dust threads and cobwebs

Cleaning stains on walls, switches, doors and their handles

Cleaning of windows and frames

Vacuuming floors and baseboards Floor

cleaning with a mop Application of specific wax for the preservation of woodwork and furniture

Emptying and cleaning the chimney Dusting and cleaning of HI-Fi, video and computer equipment

Application of maintenance products specific to the maintenance of sofas or leather armchairs

Dusting of trinkets and decorative elements

Housekeeping specific to the kitchen

    Cleaning of ceramic hobs or stainless steel
    Cleaning marble surfaces with water
    Cleaning fragile dishes by hand: crystal, porcelain, etc.
    Switching on / programming the dishwasher
    Storage of dishes in cupboards
    Cleaning the inside of cupboards and cupboards (items removed and put back in their place)
    Deep cleaning of household appliances: oven, refrigerator, extractor hood ... (objects removed and put back in their place)
    Unbrasing the table, sorting the dishes, programming and starting the dishwasher
    Maintenance of brass and silverware using a specific maintenance product
    Linen change
    Storage and organization of the interior of the cupboards
    Carpet cleaning
    Cleaning the tops of cupboards and laying newspaper to preserve them
    Emptying garbage cans
    Window cleaning

Cleaning of bathrooms / toilets / washrooms

    Cleaning the bowl
    Descaling the transparent walls and the taps using an anti-lime product Replenishment of consumables
    Change of bathroom linen
    Cleaning the interior of cupboards and shelves.
    Cleaning sinks, tubs and tile joints with baking soda
    Emptying garbage cans
    Window and mirror cleaning

Storage and room-specific maintenance

    Change of sheets and dressing of beds
    Laundry storage
    Suction under the beds

Help for the table

    Table setting

Animals and plants

    Watering indoor plants
    Plant dusting

In the attic and the garage

    Cleaning cobwebs
    Clearance of furniture and all types of objects

Laundry care

    Sorting the laundry
    On request, hand wash delicate laundry
    Laundry stain
    Programming and starting the washing machine
    Programming and starting the dryer
    Ironing the laundry
    Laundry storage in cupboards

    Collection and cleaning in laundromat