Green cleaning products

Ménage BIO uses products from the ARBRE VERT range, biodegradable, ecological and allergen-free. These products are certified.

Our cleaning products are ecological

The products traditionally used for cleaning are likely to be extremely harmful to the environment and to the health of users and occupants of the premises.

In order to fight this scourge, Ménage bio has chosen to use and market only products that do not bear any danger symbol. L’Arbre Vert brand products

L’Arbre Vert products are made with plant-based ingredients.

Certified, they are officially recognized to be more respectful of the environment. However, the specifications of the Green Tree are much more demanding than those of the standards, mainly concerning the health of people and the protection of the user.

L’Arbre Vert prohibits the presence of hazardous substances, such as glycol ether, formaldehyde or substances that generate formaldehyde, skin allergens present in most cleaning products, in the composition of its products.

The entire ALLERGEN FREE range approved by “hypoallergenic” tests carried out on sensitive skin.

Disinfection products:

Certain interventions in sensitive environments (medical, agro-food, etc.) require the use of disinfectant products that Menage Bio uses and markets in order to meet regulatory hygiene standards.