Cleaning in a medical environment by professionals

Ménage Bio masters the techniques and protocols of intervention in a medical environment. Its trained and competent staff will bring you satisfaction and serenity.

Compliance with cleanliness standards in the medical environment

The medical environment is divided into areas at risk of contamination which require specific procedures for each of them. Bio-cleaning contributes to the quality of care provided by implementing cleaning-disinfection methods adapted to the risks associated with hospital activity. It thus contributes to the fight against nosocomial infection.

Bio-cleaning is carried out in 3 phases:

1 cleaning

2 Evacuation of dirt and products

3 Application of a disinfectant

Zone 1: Reception halls, administrative premises, retirement homes. It does not require any special procedure but ordinary daily cleaning.

Zone 2: Circulation, waiting rooms, consultation and functional rehabilitation rooms, psychiatry, medium and long-stay services … This zone requires daily bio-cleaning which alternates simple detergents and disinfectant detergents.

Zone 3: Intensive care services, emergencies, resuscitation, medicine, pediatrics, hematology, septic operating theaters, central sterilization services, washroom, toilets, kitchens, analysis laboratories. This area involves at least daily bio-cleaning. Alternation of simple detergents and detergent-disinfectants.

Zone 4: Aseptic operating theaters, service for severe burns, care services for the immuno-deficient, for premature babies … This is a multi-daily bio-cleaning.

Regular maintenance (1 to several times a day):

– Dusting

– Stain removal

– SAS cleaning

Intermediate maintenance (1 time per day minimum):

– Complete cleaning of furniture

– Complete cleaning of the walls up to the ceiling

– Disinfection

– Ceiling cleaning

– Cleaning of filters and screens Specific maintenance of clean rooms (“white”):

These are the necessary cleaning and decontamination work. Most of the work will consist in removing micro-soiling invisible to the naked eye.

Our agents who work in this environment have the skills, equipment, products and adequate clothing to ensure that the required decontamination objectives are achieved.

The choice of products is always approved by the customer before use and the material and techniques do not generate particles.